The more one learns to understand the deeper meaning of life, the more one realizes that the conclusion of all wisdom can be found in the thought of brotherhood. H. I.Khan

KINSHIP  INAYATIYYA PROJECT: Nayaz sisterbrotherhood:

Voor info: Kinship prayers

Anyone who sympathizes and feels harmony with the healing prayer ‘Nayaz’ and the  ‘Prayerfor the deceased’ of H. I. Khan (see below) is most welcome.

Pray at least 2x a week these two prayers for a list of max. 10 people you’re passed on each month.

If you wish to join this sisterbrotherhood please contact Latifa: tel: 003234480414

If you wish to share the ceremony of the Nayaz Circle with others: you are welcome.

For now, the Nayaz Circle continues together with the Healing Circle, every first Tuesday morning of the month at 11 am, by Skype.

Everyone welcome (please e-mail to Latifa:


Beloved Lord, Almighty God!

Through the rays of the sun,

through the waves of the air,

by the Ever-Penetrating Life in Space, just me/name list/ and revive me/them

and I pray to you,

heal my/their/  licha(a)m(s), hearts and souls.


Prayer for the deceased

O Thou, the cause and effect of the entire Universe,

the source from where we come and the goal we’re going to.

Get the soul(s) of … who is on their way to you in your parents’ arms.

May Your forgiving Glory heal their hearts.

Raise them above the density of the earth,

surround them with the light of Your mind.

Pull them up to the heavens which is their real place of residence.

We pray to you, give them the blessing of Your glorious presence.

May their life on earth

make them look like a dream for their awakening souls,

and let their thirsty eyes

preserve the glory of Your divine sunshine.